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PayPal Account For Sale

PayPal, as we’re sure most of you know, is an easy, fast and safer way to handle online monetary transactions. The service allows you to pay people, send money and receive payments without having to input your payment details all the time. It truly does save online shoppers and sellers a boatload of time.
However, if you do not own a verified account you will need to either verify it yourself or find a verified PayPal account for sale. This is where providers like us here at ThePhoenixAccount are here to help.

Buy Verified PayPal Accounts - ThePhoenixAccount

We ensure you can buy a high-standing PayPal account that has the best chance at staying unlimited (or at the very least, high limited). What does this mean exactly? Well, having an unlimited PayPal account allows you to receive monetary figures of almost any value! Thus, allowing your business to thrive and conquer its competitors.
It is only natural that you will have lots of questions swirling around your brain right now as you try to figure out where the catch is. So, do you need to look for a verified PayPal account for sale? Let us answer these burning questions to allow you to rest easy when you buy verified PayPal account UK or buy USA PayPal account.

Buy A Verified PayPal Account — Your Burning Questions, Fully Answered

Why Should I Buy Verified PayPal Account?

This may be one of the first questions that you think about when wondering whether you should really buy a PayPal account. There several reasons why you may decide that buying one is the right move for your business.

Unlocked Potential

By purchasing an account that is already verified, you do not need to worry about the limited earning potential (in the EU this limit is 2,500 euros per annum). We’re sure we don’t need to tell you how fantastic this will be for your business as it continues to expand and increase its profit.

Replacement Guarantee

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that you will be free from a limit forever as we do not control PayPal. However, when you buy from us, you will be promised a replacement account should the one you purchase become limited.

Instant Delivery

ThePhoenixAccount releases your account and its supporting documents as soon as your documents go through so you don’t need to wait for the approval. This ensures your business can be running at its full potential as soon as humanly possible.

Gets You Back on Your Feet After Suspension

Sometimes, PayPal will suspend your current account with them. This can happen for several reasons, including the following:

  • There has been a sudden surge of activity on your account which appears to have happened all around the world. 
  • Your account has suffered through a lot of refund-giving to customers.
  • Your account has been on the receiving end of customer disputes.
  • Any activity that PayPal deems makes your account “high-risk”.

Once it has been suspended forever, you cannot recover this account. But, buying a verified, well-aged PayPal account can ensure your business will be back up and running in no time. Who wouldn’t want their business to have little to no downtime, right?

Will You Ask For Any Login Details When I Buy a PayPal Account?

The short answer is absolutely not! We always respect your privacy so we make it a priority to never ask for your sensitive information. Therefore, if you come across a company like ourselves who are asking for information like this then avoid them at all costs. We’re sorry to say this but they are definitely scamming you.

What Payment Methods Work When I Buy A Verified PayPal Account?

When you buy USA PayPal account or buy verified PayPal account UK from us at ThePheonixAccount, we accept bitcoins and other crypto currencies. With this method, we can ensure we can provide complete buyer protection for you.

How Do I Buy Verified PayPal Account?

The process is incredibly simple (which may have come as quite the surprise since some vendors make it pretty tricky).
All you need to do is take a look at the packages on offer. Then, as soon as you know which one will be right for you, hit the “Buy Now” button.
The page will immediately change to the “Checkout Details” form. Here, you will have to enter a variety of things.
You will also need to enter your payment details of course. Then, click “Place Order” and you are well on your way to have your verified PayPal account in the palm of your mouse.

What Do I Receive When I Buy A Verified PayPal Account?

Once you have made your purchase, you can expect to receive a number of great elements along with the actual account.
Firstly, we realize your guide and the account information straight away (as soon as the transaction has gone through). This means you can use it immediately and you won’t have to wait around to unlock your full business potential.
Secondly, we confirm the email address, AVS VCC, phone number and postal address. You don’t need to worry about this part — we aim to take on all the stress so you can just enjoy your new account.
Depending on which package you have chosen, you will be provided with a personal or business account that is fully verified.
Finally, you will be provided with a replacement guarantee. What do we mean by this? Well, for instance, if your PayPal account has a limit put on it for some unforeseen reason, we will work to rectify this for free. So, you really can rest easy once you have purchased a PayPal account for sale.

Top Tips For Using Your Verified PayPal Account

Ensure You Buy Safely With PayPal By Following These Top Tips

Use a Separate Computer or Laptop

While this may seem like an unnecessary step, using a separate laptop or computer (one that you do not surf the web or use social media on) for your online monetary transactions is really worth your while. This way, you are ensuring you get the utmost protection for your financial information.

Be Cautious When Opening Links in Emails

Phishing is real. It has caused many problems among internet users who are (for want of a better word) naive when it comes to email scams.
These messages could, to the untrained eye, look like they are legitimate emails from PayPal itself. However, the link will take you to infiltrator sites which will find out your account information and take it from you.

Use a Credit Card as a Way of Funding

To ensure you are staying super safe when using your PayPal account, complete these transactions with a credit card (use it as the funding method, don’t utilize the transfer from your bank account or debit card).
You might be wondering whether this is truly worth it but let us tell you that it absolutely is! By doing it this way, you are negating the helplessness you may encounter if PayPal doesn’t issue a refund since you can take it up with your credit card provider.
Moreover, credit cards aren’t linked to your bank account. So, you don’t need to suffer through seeing zeros in your account while you clean up the dispute.

Be Aware of PayPal’s Buyer Protection Scheme

If you have shelled out for something that never turned up, or if somebody has made a PayPal transaction from your account that you didn’t sign off on, PayPal’s Buyer Protection program could help you out.
In order for them to truly help, you will have to ensure that you report the transaction promptly. However, bear in mind that the scheme does not help every transaction. In fact, the benefits of this program are akin to those that come with your credit card.
As we’ve just mentioned, some transactions aren’t covered. Make sure you take a look at PayPal’s Terms, Conditions and Policies before you try and report the issue to ensure it is covered. We don’t want you to waste your time!

Do Not Use Public WiFi For Transactions

Even if you aren’t making a transaction, just opening your PayPal account when connected to public WiFi can be enough for hackers to discover your information. But if you have to check it while you are away from home, make use of mobile data instead.

Update Software Regularly

Ensure that your phone, computer or laptop’s software is updated immediately when new iOS or Windows’ features come out. This way, you can be sure that your security apps are also updated to combat the latest Malware and other digital dangers.

Ensure You Sell Safely With PayPal By Following These Top Tips

Only Deliver to Verified Addresses

Unfortunately, people don’t just scam buyers, they scam sellers too. Making sure you deliver your products to verified addresses only can prevent delivery scams.

Talk to Unsatisfied Customers

Your customers might dispute transactions for many reasons, including the following:
• A shipment they ordered from you never arrived.
• They were not happy with the product you sent to them.
• Their account was hacked so the payment was given fraudulently.
If this does occur, always talk to the customer as soon as possible and always be polite! There is nothing worse than an angry customer talking to an angry seller!

Explain What You Are Selling

Even if the item you are selling has something wrong with it, you need to provide photo evidence so your customer knows exactly what they are buying. If you don’t do this, you are more likely to face customer disputes like the ones we just discussed.
Additionally, make sure even the most bewildering features are included in your explanation. Again, this will ensure you customers are not surprised by what they receive!

Don’t Do Face-to-Face Delivery

It is always best practice to have a proof of delivery note from a shipper like UPS or other well-regarded companies. This provides PayPal with enough evidence to be on your side if disputes arise.

Ask For a Signature

If your products are rare, handmade (i.e. one of a kind) or expensive, you must require a signature upon delivery.
As always, The Phoenix Account is here to answer any other questions you may have and to help you on your journey to building a successful business.