Frequently Asked Questions

How does buying an account work?

It is a very straightforward process basically we transfer the account from the original owner to the buyers. We have methods that work each and everytime guaranteed. We take payment then at the same time you send us the details you want on the account we then add them to the account and send you the logins. 

So are we buying from Trading Online Accounts or the original owner?

You are buying the accounts from the original owners of the accounts. Trading Online Accounts will act as a broker in the deal therefore not only will we facilitate the transfer but also guarantee the whole process through our company. 

Do you sell worldwide?

Yes we have a marketing process which helps us locate ebay accounts anywhere in the world

How do I make the payment?

Our preferred method of payments are PayPal and Bitcoins or other Crypto Currencies. This way we can offer full buyer protection for all of our clients.